Fly into childhood with the photography of Constance Guisset

On the occasion of the Festival d’Arles IDEAT magazine has asked 20 renowned designers to photograph the theme of childhood. Specially produced for the event and printed with the support of YellowKorner, these photographs were shown in Arles during the opening week and will again be exhibited in Paris in September. YellowKorner presents the intriguing photography of designer Constance Guisset .


7. Stellaria Solaris (2016), Constance Guisset

Constance Guisset – Stellaria Solaris, 2016. Print mounted on Dibond. Courtesy of the artist


A former classroom, gridded mats, pale pink walls… The space in which the photographs from the exhibition “20 sur 20” were presented, organised by IDEAT magazine in Arles during the opening week, had a great flair for childhood memories. It was no accident. The designers had to compose their photographs around this theme. Result: a series of 20 photos expressing very personal visions of childhood.



The “20/20” exhibition during the opening week of the Festival d’Arles


While the relationship between design and photography is not traditionally an obvious one, some designers today do have a sensibility that is particularly well suited to photography. Constance Guisset is one of them. Specialising in interior design and scenography, she knows how to control images and it shows. She played along with this exercise and gave her imagination free rein.

“Swimming in the sky, alighting on the tenderness of the clouds.” This quote from painter Eugène-Louis Boudin served as the starting point for her work. The designer presents us with a highly minimalist photograph in which we can see two children springing out, gathering momentum or flying, in a completely misty and hazy world. In a poetic moment, the children appear to be bouncing on a cloud trampoline. This visible magic is reminiscent of the fantastic and surrealistic photographs of German artist Christine Ellger, or those of Alastair Magnaldo.



Alastair Magnaldo – La mer



Christine Ellger – Freunde


The work presented by Constance Guisset is similar to her style as a designer. As with the objects that she creates, a desire for movement and lightness emanates. Lost somewhere between their past and future, these children appear to be enjoying the present moment, in which everything remains to be done and written. The blur of movement and the effect of the mist represent, for the artist, the perpetual movement of children testing their boundaries, maturing and progressing. Bare feet, hair down, dressed up but not completely, the children in the photograph radiate a sense of joy and freedom.


Constance Guisset’s photography is also intended to be deliberately open to interpretation. Everyone is free to see what they like in it, according to her singular perception of childhood, since, as Antoine de Saint-Exupéry once said, “we come from our childhood like we come from a country.”


Discover Constance Guisset’s photography and the “20/20” exhibition photos at La Hune La Hune in Paris on 20 September, for an auction. All of the proceeds from this sale will be donated to a charity organisation, cc-foreducation,which supports kindergarten teaching in Nepal. See you next week! We will introduce you to the captivating portraits by the winner of the Photo Folio Review 2015: Piero Martinello.


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